Pacana Nut

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⃕ Illinoinensis Carya, the pecans, pecan, pecan or pecan nut also called the island or imprisoned walnut is a species of the genus Carya, native to northeastern Mexico (Chihuahua, Coahuila and Nuevo Leon) and southeastern United States (Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi and Texas). According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, pecan trees are also called pecan. It is a voice of Nahuatl origin. It is a deciduous tree of the family of Yuglandáceas. Grows 25 to 40 m tall, hot and humid summers. Can bear fruit for more than three hundred years. The pecan is the fruit of the tree called pecan. Its edible fruit bears a resemblance to the nut but is totally different in its shell, which is smooth, soft, dark brown and ovoid (contrary to the almond houses, which is rough, round, hard and light brown ). Likewise, its flavor is more subtle (as opposed to the nut, which is more bitter). It is also more oily. The pecans can be eaten fresh or used in cooking, especially baking, but also very tasty dishes. It is used in fillings, nut breads, ice cream and savory vegetable dishes. One of the most popular desserts with the pecan as the main ingredient is the pecan pie ('pecan pie' in English dessert well known in the U.S.). In Peru, the sweets are very popular this nut fillings: tiles, chocotejas.

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